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Virtual Team Performance Workshops

Build team confidence, cooperation, and resilience

Leverage our Master Facilitators to help you coach your teams through smarter decisions and lasting results.

Workshops customized for your team

Level-up your team performance in under 3 hours

Our Team Performance Workshops are delivered virtually by a live Master Facilitator. This best-in-class learning experience is delivered in a flexible and highly experiential workshop environment – customized to your needs. You’ll empower team members to develop a culture of collaboration and ownership of results.

Workshop benefits

Having an experience like this sent a strong message that management cares about “actual” results. By putting more value on helping people work together, we will effectively accomplish more and be able to rise to our company’s growth challenge.
The workshop structure was easy-to-understand and eye-opening, especially when put into the context of the workplace interactions and "high stakes" situations. I am already putting what I learned into action as early as today!
This workshop is awesome – 5 stars! I loved being able to discuss my MVS (motives) with my coworkers without feeling judged. The facilitators teaching style and encouragement, along with eye-opening exercises, made it easy to pick up the skills that I can start using at work.
With a challenging role in managing partners, I wanted to learn how I could achieve better results more efficiently. The workshop helped me apply our Core4 better - to care for others, understand their motives and try to reach a solution that solves the problem while considering the main drivers associated.
Erika Jones

Meet our master facilitators

Tim Scudder Ph.D.

Principal | Author | Master Facilitator

Gil Brady

Principal | Author | Master Facilitator

Steve Wood

VP of Global Delivery | Master Facilitator

Carmel Gardner

Master Facilitator

Kyle Menig

Master Facilitator

Claire Tiffney

Master Facilitator

Ray Linder

Master Facilitator

Jeff Gaines

Master Facilitator

Mike Patterson Ed.D.

Principal | Author | Master Facilitator

Michael Brown

Master Facilitator

Lisa Greenwood

Master Facilitator

Headshot of Bob Fuhs

Bob Fuhs

Master Facilitator

Bring Core Strengths to your organization

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