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The portal for improving work relationships

Relationship Intelligence™ on demand

What if you had instant access into everyone's communication style?

The Core Strengths Platform reinforces Relationship Intelligence (RQ) across your entire network. And as more people take the SDI 2.0, others can access their results, allowing the frame of reference for navigating personality differences to spread throughout the organization. This focused effort on strengthening working relationships pays off quickly with better individual and group results.

With the platform you will:

  • Get or review personalized SDI 2.0 assessment debriefs.
  • Compare profiles with coworkers and teams for fresh insight on how to approach conversations, presentations, and performance reviews.
  • Access customized, real-time coaching on how to craft messages, prep for meetings, or enter high-stakes conversations.

Assess talent

The assessments in our platform give people a common language that promotes understanding and improves communication. We identify people’s strengths and the underlying motives that drive them. This awareness leads to a culture of inclusion and collaboration.

Tour our platform

During your personalized demo, we will show you how our suite of tools helps you:

  • Improve Collaboration
  • Build Better Teams
  • Coach for Performance

Apply relationship intelligence

The ability to see the world as someone else does is vital. Our Core Strengths Platform enhances this perspective and provides specific language suggestions for the in-the-moment conversations, emails, texts, and meetings where relationships grow, problems are solved, and progress gets made.

Develop great teams

Most teams have either too much conflict or not enough opposition to see all sides of an issue. Now teams can use the platform to better understand one another, and conflicts can be redirected toward a more productive interaction in the moment. The Team Strengths Portrait offers a snapshot of the actual culture of a team, and helps teams to co-create a better future.

build great teams based on individula strengths and motives straight from the Core Strengths Platform training software

Achieve results through relationships

We help you teach people to apply knowledge about themselves, and the insights they’ve learned about others, to real conversations. Now, you can create classes, send invitations and reminders, build reports, and capture class evaluations with ease. 

Bring Core Strengths to your organization

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