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Discover your strengths and motives with the Core Strengths SDI 2.0 assessment

Strength Deployment Inventory 2.0

Rather than focusing on WHAT we do, the SDI® 2.0 helps us understand WHY we behave and HOW we relate to each other. Using Relationship Intelligence (RQ), the SDI 2.0 provides a common language for understanding what’s important.

Relationship building is more than a soft skill, and the SDI 2.0 plays a direct role in helping us relate to others – building our ability to improve dialogue.

With a focus on our Motives, the SDI 2.0 provides a critical connection to a key leadership skill – the “art of influence.” It is easier to communicate with and influence someone when what’s important to them is understood. This insight helps you choose the best approach for engaging people whose thinking and behavior appear much different from your own.

It’s about relationships

By cracking the code of people’s different communication styles, teams can more clearly see the positive intent behind one another’s actions, and the dynamics of relationships then become easier to navigate.

Measure what motivates high-performance

The SDI 2.0 shows who you are and how you work through four interrelated views:


You’ll learn the three core motives behind your approach to people, performance, and process. This blend is expressed as your Motivational Value System (MVS).


Your Conflict Sequence, a unique result, shows your changing motives as conflict escalates, giving you the chance to correct course.


Your Strengths Portrait presents all 28 strengths you use at work. It also reveals how our motives drive the strengths we use most.

Overdone Strengths

Everyone pushes their strengths too far in some cases. You’ll learn which ones you overdo—insight that can keep you from losing effectiveness.

Improve team productivity

When your SDI 2.0 results are connected between members of your team – the insight is multiplied. Team views of the SDI 2.0 results reveal the collective balance of motives, conflict and strengths needed to raise the right issues, make strong decisions and keep the work flowing.

Insight alone
is not enough.

Action is required.

It’s the daily conversations that determine outcomes especially when the stakes are high.  By using the relationship intelligence of the SDI 2.0, your people will apply the knowledge of what drives productive dialogue leading to faster problem-solving.

SDI 2.0 Personal Report 

Research based on



Based on a solid scientific foundation, the SDI 2.0 explains and simplifies the complex dynamics of relationships.

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