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Intelligence (RQ)

Relationship Intelligence: Insight to adjust your approach to make interactions more effective.

Relationship Intelligence uses the SDI results triangle to map out your unique motives and conflict sequence
Relationship intelligence (RQ) connects your people strategy with your business obejecitves to deliver your brand promise.

Core Strengths RQ

Core Strengths Relationship Intelligence connects your people strategy with your business objectives to deliver your organization’s brand promise. This is achieved through a conscious commitment to improving collaboration, building better teams, and coaching for performance.

Create a workplace where relationships thrive

Because talent doesn't work alone

Your organization is interconnected by teams—by people interacting in big and small ways every day. Every outcome relies on the ability to work well with others, but you can’t just snap talent together and expect them to function together as a team.

The best results are created through relationships.

Results through Relationships

Relationships are connections built on a foundation of shared experiences and future expectations. Core Strengths Relationship Intelligence helps teams to identify past misperceptions, apply the right approach to the moment, and co-create a better way to work together in the future.

Relationship Intelligence

and the New Decade of Work

The 2020s are setting up to be defined by collaboration. If we’re going to work better, people have to learn to prevent conflict, or at least manage it. The best results come from resilient relationships.

Improve collaboration

When people discover how to harness what drives their personal performance, they not only take ownership for their choices, but they begin to appreciate differences in others and build trust. Together, teams learn to create quality interactions where problems get solved and work gets done.

Build better teams

Teams composed of strong relationships are less likely to have communication breakdowns. Focused on conversations where work gets done, teams with relationship intelligence promote healthy opposition to quickly see all sides of an issue, so they can make timely decisions that drive results.

Coach for performance

Relationship Intelligence (RQ) provides visibility into the motives, conflict, and strengths of a team. Managers who apply this insight will get the best of everyone’s strengths, and build a culture of resilient relationships that are responsive to challenges and opportunities.

See our Core Strengths RQ platform in action

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