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Relationships predict results

What's your Organizational RQ?

After decades of research, the science is clear. Teams with Relationship Intelligence (RQ) outperform the rest.

These organizations rely on Relationship Intelligence

The ROI of RQ

Organizations with high RQ know how to build indestructible teams. They embrace diversity, navigate conflict, and power through obstacles with smarter, more effective decisions.

Without Relationship Intelligence, teams default to turf wars, master the blame game, and implode under pressure.

You can create a workplace where relationships thrive.

Every Interaction Matters

It’s in the daily conversations, the last-minute virtual meetings, and the impromptu DMs where trust is built or broken. Core Strengths’ solution prepares teams to master the moment so opportunity doesn’t fall by the wayside.

Real-time global conversation requires real-time Relationship Intelligence

Water Technology company relies on the Strengths Deployment Inventory to help adapt to change

Oil and gas company uses relationship intelligence to transform unproductive conversations into interactions yielding innovation and efficiencies

Skill Up

People are complex. With the right tools, productive relationships don’t have to be.


The Core Strengths Platform leverages customized communication insight when you need it most – in the meetings, messages, and conversations that move priorities forward.


The SDI 2.0 is a highly accurate, scientific measurement of a person’s unique motives and how they use their strengths. The results are framed in the context of relationships, providing a network effect for greater collaboration and team performance.


Reclaim team productivity by learning RQ, the language of collaboration. Our best-in-class virtual delivery and in-person tools help you see true behavioral transformation in a matter of hours.

Measure what motivates
high performance

Experience the Strength Deployment Inventory (SDI 2.0) for yourself and master Relationship Intelligence.

Upcoming Virtual Certifications

See our Core Strengths RQ platform in action

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