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Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

How to ensure everyone is seen, heard, understood, and valued. 

The biggest challenge teams face is to see each other clearly: how they’re similar, different, and connected.

When teams work together to value their similarities and differences and build on them to create a cohesive unit, they can overcome any challenge and maximize opportunities together.

Our solutions give teams the key to a collective understanding that’s based on the fact that all people have three motives at their core: people, performance, and process.

Core Strengths diversity, equity, and inclusion solutions use the Core Strengths Platform to identify unique strengths and motives
diversity, equity, and inclusion solutions

Talking About Motives Helps People Find Common Ground

When people find similarities—and differences, diversity, equity, and inclusion get easier.

Many organizations currently struggle with their employees feeling alone, isolated, and disconnected. If these challenges aren’t addressed, there’s an increased likelihood that they’ll lose top talent.

Relationship Intelligence (RQ) can help connect and re-engage people. At the heart of RQ is effective interactions: the ability to see, hear, and include everyone. 

Our diversity, equity, and inclusion approach is based in RQ. It helps people improve how they connect with others. It creates a common language that lets people communicate what’s important to them and to engage with the things that motivate others.

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Nearly half of U.S. workers have experienced some form of discrimination or harassment in the past 12 months, according to Gallup research.

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The Core Strengths Approach to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Help people move from tolerance to appreciation of each other’s differences.

The SDI 2.0 assessment gives people at your organization insights into their motives and strengths, and those of their colleagues. 

People who may appear very different on the outside, or identify very differently in terms of race, gender, religion, and other identities, often realize how much they have in common in terms of motives and strengths. 

Conversely, someone who has very different motives and strengths from their coworker uses the SDI to appreciate how their personalities complement one another.  

Core Strengths, the SDI 2.0 assessment, and RQ allows people to engage with one another about difference and unconscious bias through the lens of motive. 

 Diversity of motive is a powerful way to acknowledge the truth that we’re all different in many other ways too, and that everyone brings unique contributions to the table because of those differences. 

Core Strengths diversity, equity, and Inclusion solutions emphasizes psychological safety to ensure every voice is heard

Learn How to Foster Inclusion

Learn why inclusion should be a top priority for your organization, and how to foster it.

Core Strength's diversity, equity, and inclusion solutions

Inclusion Competencies

Do your employees have the skills to build inclusion? We’ll help you build the required competencies, using the 6 C’s of Inclusive Leadership.

  1. Commitment
    Committing to the value of the various perspectives generated by diversity of personality allows people to see the value of other kinds of diversity.
  2. Courage
    It takes courage for people to see value in their uniqueness and appreciate the uniqueness in others.
  3. Cognizance of Bias
    People learn to recognize that they have biases about people different from them, and that the biases are not always true.
  4. Curiosity
    Curiosity is piqued when people realize that a long-held assumption has been holding them back.
  5. Cultural Intelligence
    People will begin to understand how cultural differences can enrich their ability to work with others.
  6. Collaboration
    An appreciation of difference will lead to better and more creative collaboration.

The Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Solution that Brings People Together

Assessments, Training, and the Core Strengths Platform

Organizations can use company identity as a means of inclusion, but despite leaders’ best intentions, that’s not enough to give all people a true sense of inclusion at work.  

Our offerings help people realize that we all have three primary motives—a criteria for inclusion that sticks. It brings people together around the notion of connecting their motives to their ways of being in the world.

Core Strengths Platform

People can get real-time access to insight into the team view of everyone’s strengths and motives, promoting appreciation and inclusion within the team.

SDI 2.0 Assessments

Our Strengths Deployment Inventory 2.0 (SDI 2.0) is at the center of our diversity, equity, and inclusion solutions. People will become aware of their own motives and strengths to better understand themselves and find common ground with the people around them.

Core Strengths Training

Virtual or onsite experiential workshops encourage teams to face misconceptions and identify stereotypes in a safe setting where they can challenge and bring clarity to such beliefs.

These organizations rely on Relationship Intelligence

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