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Strengthen relationships wherever you work.

Microsoft Teams

Unlock performance where teams work

Thriving relationships are essential for team performance. Unfortunately, hybrid teamwork creates barriers to authentic connection. The Core Strengths app for MS Teams helps you adapt your communication style to your teammates’ personalities. Collaborate in a way that fosters team relationships using personalized insights embedded where work happens.


  • Access real-time communication tips during live video meetings 
  • Tailor meeting agendas and action items to team needs
  • Communicate in a way that resonates with others

Outlook Add-In

What if you had instant access into everyone's communication style?

With Core Strengths for Outlook, you now get personalized communication tips for every email and meeting, directly in your inbox. Now it’s possible to tailor your approach to custom-fit each person you work with – right when you need it.

Receive personalized communication tips to help you:

  • Have productive meetings
  • Know what to say (and what not to say) even if there’s conflict
  • Craft subject lines that elicit a positive response
  • Write clearer emails that resonate
  • Understand how to approach difficult conversations

Master multiple communication styles and build trust.

Mobile App

Core Strengths is the app that reveals who you are, how you work, and most importantly, how you build meaningful relationships with your teams. Get personalized insights to improve collaboration – and by extension, get better results.

The new Core Strengths Mobile App helps you:

  • Hold better meetings, craft messages that connect, and shape the conversations that matter
  • Leverage your strengths and improve your effectiveness at work
  • Find new ways to manage and even resolve conflict
  • Adjust your approach with colleagues to make interactions more productive
  • Build better teams that achieve significant goals

Grow as a leader, coach, and colleague by developing your Relationship Intelligence (RQ).

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