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Coaching that Connects

We train managers to build productive coaching relationships, deliver effective feedback and inspire peak performance.

When managers are great people developers, they get better engagement and performance from teams.

Our solutions give managers and coaches the tools they need to help people identify, develop and live out their strengths.

Core Strengths leadership training allows managers to build productive coaching relationships, deliver effective feedback and inspire peak performance.
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More Engaged

Employees who receive meaningful feedback from their manager are 3.5x more likely to be engaged.

Core Strengths leadership training helps managers identify and adapt conflict for enhanced conflict management

Use Relationship Intelligence (RQ) to Have the Coaching Conversations that Matter

When managers need to talk about challenging topics, our coaching solutions give them the language.

It can be challenging for managers to bring up delicate topics surrounding performance or development.

You don’t want to jeopardize your relationship with the employee, but if you only talk to people about what they’re doing right, they won’t grow.

Relationship Intelligence (RQ) gives you the insight to communicate with people across a diverse spectrum of personalities and experiences.

We’re getting ready to launch an all-new coaching solution that teaches managers how to develop people more formally and effectively.

The outcome? More people in your organization will have a thorough understanding of their strengths and how to use them productively.

Managers and coaches will learn how to:

  • Lead powerful coaching conversations for development and performance
  • Deliver effective feedback
  • Be fluent in the language of the SDI 2.0 assessment
  • Keep people engaged with their strengths while working remotely
A diagram of the SDI 2.0 diagram comparing two colleagues' stages of conflict

The SDI Triangle shows how motives change in conflict

Core Strengths leadership training allows managers to build authentic relationships with their teams based on a holistic approach of their strengths and motives.

The Core Strengths Approach to Coaching

We believe in human potential, not pigeonholing people.

We don’t believe in assessing someone’s strengths and telling them which roles they would be a good fit for.

We do believe in giving people more power through a holistic understanding of their strengths and motives.

We also believe that growth happens in authentic relationships. Change isn’t about command and control, it’s about helping people find their own motivation to change.

Our strengths assessment and coaching solutions give people the freedom to make choices and achieve different results–while staying anchored to who they are at the core.

When you coach people as their manager, you show them that their place of work supports the areas where they want to grow.

Xylem used the SDI 2.0 to support manager development through better coaching conversations.

Amazon used the SDI 2.0 as part of one-on-one executive coaching to improve communication and defuse conflict.

Coming Soon: The New Coaching Solution for Managers

Assessments, Training, and the Core Strengths Platform

Managers need the right tools and training to be great developers of talent. 

Our upcoming offerings will develop confident coaches and promote strong relationships between coach and individual.

SDI 2.0 Assessments
Our Strengths Deployment Inventory 2.0 (SDI 2.0) is at the center of our coaching solutions. Managers need to understand their own strengths and self-concept before coaching others.

Coming Soon: Coaching Training for Managers Learn how to give 1-on-1s, 360 feedback, and role expectations.

Coming Soon: Coaching Feature on the Core Strengths Platform
Make notes, track developmental progress, and manage performance in real-time.

Discover the Four Principles of Effective Coaching

Learn how to adjust your mindset to co-create trusting coaching relationships with your direct reports. 

Be the first to know when our new coaching solution launches.

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