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Got questions? We have answers.

Our Master Facilitators will be hosting online help hours to be able to answer your training questions. They will be online twice a week to help you with SDI 2.0 questions or virtual delivery tips and techniques. 

Sign up for a date that works for you, join us for 10 minutes or the full 90 minutes and get your questions answered. 

United Kingdom

Steve Wood

Tuesdays or Thursdays

11:00am - 12:30pm BST

United States

Ray Linder

Tuesdays or Thursdays

10:30am - 12:00pm PST

United States

Jeff Gaines

Tuesdays or Thursdays

1:30pm - 3:00pm EST

SDI Research


The Ultimate Guide to Team Relationships

This guide is our gift to help your teams build trust, resilience, and use their strengths to solve the unforeseen challenges ahead. Because there’s one thing we’re certain of – when relationships work, there isn’t a problem we can’t solve.

We’re in this with you, together.

Active Impact Measurement

RQ Impact is a free tool for organizations to measure the return on Relationship Intelligence. By measuring quantitative and qualitative data, you can easily visualize how Core Strengths’ Relationship Intelligence improves collaboration, helps you build better teams, and enables you to coach for performance. Request an account to measure the power of Core Strengths in your organization.

Relationship Intelligence

and the New Decade of Work

The 2020s are setting up to be defined by collaboration. If we’re going to work better, people have to learn to prevent conflict, or at least manage it. The best results come from resilient relationships.

What people are saying

Core Strengths really gets down to the internal core of what drives and motivates people, and that’s really the complexity that’s hidden whenever we’re trying to solve these big business challenges.
Sheryl Roy
Global Organizational Effectiveness, EXXON MOBIL
Implementing Core Strengths has led to improved team effectiveness through greater self and team understanding, improved collaboration, and lower conflict costs.
Efry Ayala-Johnson
Senior Manager - Enterprise Learning, UNITED AIRLINES

Customer Success

Hear how a Fortune 500, a government agency, and a global retailer leverage Core Strengths to improve collaboration, build better teams, and coach for performance.

Bring Core Strengths to your organization

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