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See the research, success stories, and insights behind the power of Core Strengths.

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Why Relational Onboarding is Key for New Hires

Relationships build trust, generate commitment, and drive results. The fight for retention starts on day one, and with the current competition for talent and high turnover, organizations need to focus on helping new hires feel connected, committed, and valued.

A Manager's Guide to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

What can managers do day-to-day to promote diversity, equity, and inclusion productivity on their teams? They can start with what’s in their control: creating a culture of appreciating the importance of difference and making others feel valued.

This guide gives managers the tools and language to help team members find common ground, understand what each person values, and leverage each other’s differences to do great work individually and collectively. 

What people are saying

What matters most to us are the kids. It’s not just what we as a leadership team have to get done, but how we get it done collaboratively. The youth we serve each day are depending on us to work together and get it right.
Thomas Rajan
Implementing Core Strengths has led to improved team effectiveness through greater self and team understanding, improved collaboration, and lower conflict costs.
Efry Ayala-Johnson
Senior Manager - Enterprise Learning, UNITED AIRLINES

Customer Success

Hear how a Fortune 500, a government agency, and a global retailer leverage Core Strengths to improve collaboration, build better teams, and coach for performance.

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