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How Relationally Intelligent Leaders Boost Employee Retention and Engagement

For managers to succeed in retaining employees and keeping them engaged, they must become relationally intelligent. By understanding the unique motivations, values, and strengths of each team member, they can tailor their leadership approach to meet the needs of each individual and develop a more engaged and productive team.

Our Guide to Team Building

Building a team that produces consistent results starts with having discussions about its purpose, values, and goals. This guide is designed to help you facilitate these conversations and empower your team to make decisions in their daily work to achieve those results.

What people are saying

What matters most to us are the kids. It’s not just what we as a leadership team have to get done, but how we get it done collaboratively. The youth we serve each day are depending on us to work together and get it right.
Thomas Rajan
Implementing Core Strengths has led to improved team effectiveness through greater self and team understanding, improved collaboration, and lower conflict costs.
Efry Ayala-Johnson
Senior Manager - Enterprise Learning, UNITED AIRLINES

Customer Success

Hear how a Fortune 500, a government agency, and a global retailer leverage Core Strengths to improve collaboration, build better teams, and coach for performance.

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