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Association for Talent Development

ATD International Conference & Exposition

Atlanta, GA

San Diego, CA

Washington D.C.

Association for Talent Development
Best of Show Award Winner

Core Strengths® won “Best of Show” at the ATD International Conference in Washington D.C. The annual conference is the largest gathering of talent development professionals in the world. On day one alone, over 300 learning professionals visited the booth, completed the SDI 2.0 assessment, received their results, and learned about our new platform.

 It’s quite an honor for us to be recognized amongst some of the best talent development organizations in the industry.


Twitter used the SDI 2.0 Assessment and training to improve teamwork, leading to faster-moving projects and better quality.

Water Technology company relies on the Strengths Deployment Inventory to help adapt to change

The VA used a 2-day team workshop with us to mediate conflict and save $340,000.

Results through Relationship Intelligence

Doesn’t it seem like some managers and teams make “it” happen, no matter what “it” is? Even in
uncertainty or times of crisis, they find a way to turn opposition into opportunity. They transform the stumbling blocks of conflict and misunderstanding into stepping stones for success.
For these high-achievers, building collaborative relationships is priority one. Whether in-person or
dispersed, they understand that members of their teams can go further together than they can alone. The good news is that you, too, can leverage the power of relationships and drive results.
SDI 2.0 triangle diagram illustrating unique motives of members of a high-performing team

The SDI Triangle shows how people change in conflict

The benefits of RQ:

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