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Change Management

Get everyone invested in the organization’s transformation.

Leaders have the responsibility to prepare, equip and support teams in embracing change so they can achieve a critical organizational outcome.

Our solutions help leaders get buy-in from employees by tapping into each person’s motives, strengths, and values.

People Only Change When They Want To

To achieve successful business transformation, you need to understand what matters most to each person, and link that to the change initiative.

Change management is one of the processes organizations struggle with the most because it requires individuals and teams to learn new ways of working—even when they might not want to.

Relationship Intelligence (RQ) is the ability to adjust your communication approach based on someone else’s unique system of motives, strengths, and values.

Our change management solution is based in RQ. It teaches you to tie personal meaning to organizational outcomes, therefore dramatically increasing the level of buy-in across the organization.

Organizational change efforts that fail, according to McKinsey’s estimates.
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Core Strengths diversity, equity, and Inclusion solutions emphasizes psychological safety to ensure every voice is heard

The Core Strengths Approach to Business Transformation and Change Management

Overcome people’s resistance and make the change stick.

People are programmed to resist change.

For your change management initiative to be successful, leaders need to understand:

  • How individual people experience change
  • What makes people decide to embrace change
  • What messages people need to hear, when, and from whom
  • The optimal time to teach people new skills
  • How to coach people to demonstrate new behaviors
  • What makes change stick in someone’s work

The SDI 2.0 assessment and RQ give people at your organization an easy and effective way to understand each other’s strengths, motives, and values—and to collaborate more productively and creatively.

When people in the organization collaborate, leaders can deliver change communications with the confidence that the change will most likely be embraced.

Discover the Key to Successful Change

Learn how to adjust communication styles to ensure everyone feels seen and heard during your change efforts. 

Speed Up Adoption with Less Friction

Assessments, Training, and the Core Strengths Platform

Most organizations put a lot of planning into the rollout of a major change initiative, but leaders still often miss the mark in their communications, leaving employees with the feeling of, “why is this being done to us?” 

Our offerings help leaders realize that people have three primary motives and teach them to tap into employees’ intrinsic motivation with all their change communications.

Core Strengths Platform

Leaders and team members can get real-time access to insight into the composite view of everyone’s strengths and motives, promoting inclusion within the team and making it easier to know the best way to communicate.

SDI 2.0 Assessments

Our Strengths Deployment Inventory 2.0 (SDI 2.0) is at the center of our change management and business transformation solutions. Leaders will become aware of their own, and their employees’, motives and become fluent in the language that motivates different groups.

Team Performance Workshops

Virtual or onsite experiential workshops train teams to use RQ in company culture. This customizable training helps leaders establish rules for engagement and includes sessions on conflict management, inclusion, psychological safety, and challenging conversations as they relate to change.

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