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2021 MVS Holiday Gift Guide

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We're ringing in the holidays with our annual MVS Gift Giving guide! Whether you're shopping for friends, family or colleagues, here’s our best gift suggestions based on every unique motive.
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Happy Holidays from Core Strengths! It’s been another crazy year, and while some of us still won’t be able to celebrate the season in-person, there’s always an opportunity to spread holiday cheer no matter the distance. Giving gifts, even small ones, can be a great way to show that you value the relationships with those around you. But the best gifts are those that show you understand and appreciate what they find valuable.

To help you get a head start on finding that perfect gift, we put together our facilitator’s top picks for gifts sure to please every MVS, from your analytical Greens to social HUBs.


Gifts for Blues

Blues find satisfaction by helping others in ways that enhance their happiness and genuinely meet their needs, often discounting any thanks for their helping efforts. Gift-giving is a great opportunity to show your people-motivated colleagues and friends you appreciate their efforts.  Big, lavish gifts are not necessary – give something personal, appreciative, warm, that reflects how much you value your relationship with them. 

Consider a framed photo of the two of you together, their favorite food or drink, an experience you can share, a shirt or sweater in their favorite color, or a donation to their favorite charity that will be used to help others.

Personalized mug

With work-from-home now the norm for many employees, Blues may be feeling especially nostalgic for the days of office banter and in-person celebrations. Remind them of your favorite memories together every time they reach for a cup of coffee with a personalized mug- Shutterfly has lots of options and layouts to choose from!


Self-care box

Show thanks to your people-motivated colleagues with a self-care box to help them unwind this holiday season. After all the time they spend supporting others, they’ll appreciate the opportunity to focus on themselves. Take a look at these packages from Etsy to find a box that matches all their needs; you’ll get extra Blue points for supporting small businesses too!


Yearly planner

Blues like to lend a helping hand- and that could mean taking on a lot of projects at once. Help them stay organized with a 2022 planner! Take it a step further by adding personalized notes and important dates that mean a lot to them. 

Keep it simple with a small custom touch with this planner, or find one with a fun, colorful design you know they’ll love.


Gifts for Reds

Reds revel in competition, goal-setting, and overcoming challenges to achieve success.  Give something that might be viewed as a status symbol, will help them succeed or improve their productivity in the future, or an experience that gets them into action. 

Consider a book about their personal hero or a successful person they want to emulate; something that’s unique that few people have–perhaps from a faraway place they hope to visit; technology that will make them more efficient; or tickets to a game, concert, or completely new experience.

Stationery Set

Reds appreciate the finer things in life, and a beautiful stationery set takes generic handwritten letters and notes to the next level. Take it from Louise Thomson, a valued Core Strengths Partner: “I find other reds like me enjoy beautiful stationery and pens (to write about our achievements!)”

Consider these personalized options from Papier for an extra touch of elegance.


Coffee Subscription

Keep your performance-driven friends and colleagues ready for the day all year round! Coffee subscriptions, like this one from Atlas Coffee Club, let them try gourmet coffee blends from around the world to add a bit of spice to their morning routine. 


Goals Journal

What better gift for a goal-oriented friend than a goal-oriented journal? Help the Reds in your life track their progress and stay motivated with a journal specifically designed for success. This journal promises to help you accomplish your #1 goal in 100 days through daily action plans, nightly reviews of your day, 10-day sprints to accomplish micro-goals, and quarterly reviews to identify any adjustments needed.


Gifts for Greens

Give something that reflects their desire to dig deep into an area of interest and engage some brainpower, especially things that they can enjoy on their own. Consider books, puzzles, or crafts, as well as items that are complex and ultimately require a certain level of mastery to fully enjoy.

Precision cutting board

If we know anything about Greens, it’s their unwavering attention to detail and disdain for cutting corners. This precision cutting board will help them embrace their inner perfectionist by mastering the perfect dice, fine julienne, or brunoise with laser-engraved marks and measurements. 


Noise-canceling headphones

Process-driven individuals value their time to focus and analyze. Help them minimize distractions (and jam out to their favorite songs) with these noise-canceling headphones that reduce ambient noises up to 90%.


Wireless charging pad

Do you know a Green with a messy desk? Us either. But while they’re charging cables and wires are likely labeled and carefully tucked away, why not make them obsolete with a wireless charging pad? Greens will appreciate the functionality and not have 5 different cables crowd their workspace.


Gifts for Red-Blues

Give something upbeat and fun that involves others. They will enjoy gifts that reflect their active, high-energy lifestyle.

Consider something related to fitness, their goals or big dreams, or an experience with friends (i.e., a karaoke party, an evening at a comedy club, etc.). Avoid gifts that require a detailed focus (the 5,000 piece jigsaw puzzle) or quiet, individual activities.

Bartending kit

Red-Blues enjoy being the life of the party! A bartending kit is a great gift to help them master a new skill they can share with their friends and family. Cheers!


Portable espresso machine

Give your coffee-fueled Red-Blues a gift they can share with everyone! They’ll be the hero of their next off-grid adventure when they whip out a portable espresso machine for a quick caffeine fix. 


Bluetooth speaker

Help Red-Blues set the vibe on their next hike, picnic, or camping trip with a portable Bluetooth speaker. Just be prepared for the impromptu dance parties that are sure to ensue! 


Gifts for Red-Greens

Give something that’s a challenge and provides the opportunity to develop a winning strategy. They might enjoy games of skill like chess or certain video games, books about great thinkers or profound ideas, or new technology they can master. If you want to go for an experience, go for something that not everyone gets to do. They want to feel special and unique, not one of many.

Strategy Games

Red-Greens love creating a winning strategy, and games like Scythe, Transforming Mars, or classic chess are great outlets for their competitive nature. If possible, plan a game night so you both can break in the game!



E-book devices like the Amazon Kindle gives Red-Greens the power to discover new and exciting stories and ideas from the palm of their hand. They’ll appreciate the convenience of having an extensive library with them wherever they go.



If you know a Red-Green looking to get back in the kitchen, a cookbook that complements their lifestyle is a great start! Not only will they have the opportunity to master new recipes, but the compliments they’ll get from friends and family will be the gift that keeps on giving. This cookbook by Bobby Flay even offers cooking challenges to teach chefs how to be efficient and work smarter in the kitchen, something every Red-Green can appreciate!


Gifts for Blue-Greens

Give something quiet, understated, and not too flashy as they wouldn’t want to draw attention to themselves. Consider a gift that would support a special hobby or interest that they do alone, with a few close friends, or with people who share their particular interest. Avoid gifts or experiences that would make them stand out, leave their comfort zone, or go out on a limb.

Multi-use tools

Blue-Greens like feeling prepared for anything, and a solid multi-tool is a great gift that combines functionality and convenience. Whether they’re opening a package or cleaning a fish, Blue-Greens will appreciate a dependable tool they can keep in their pocket! Check out this list of top multi-tools for every lifestyle. 


Travel backpack

Whether they’re exploring a new city or camping in the woods, Blue-Greens are known to pack for those “just in case” moments. Help them stay organized with a backpack that boasts multiple independent pockets and compartments for easy access to whatever they need. 


Phone/ camera lens attachments

Blue-greens will appreciate new tools to help them capture photos of what matters most to them or memories with their close friends. Phone camera lens attachments offer convenient tools for taking professional-level photos without having to lug around a DSLR camera. 

Gifts for HUBs

Give something that can be enjoyed in a group by several people at the same time. Consider games that people can play together; anything that can be used at a party (cooking gear, wine glasses, or a bottle of wine); a night out with friends in an environment where it’s easy to interact and enjoy each other’s company.

TableTopics game

Any HUB can appreciate an insightful conversation. Help them learn more about other’s perspectives through this social, playful, and collaborative game! TableTopics offers fun and engaging questions with special editions created for every occasion. 


Mini movie projector

Give the HUBs in your life another reason to bring everyone together with a mini movie projector perfect for spontaneous movie nights! With a 170 in. max display, they’ll be the go-to host for next season’s Bachelor viewing parties or Harry Potter marathon!



Said to be a cross between foursquare and volleyball with no court needed, Spikeball is a new sport taking the world by storm. Its easy set-up makes it portable and perfect for beach trips, camping, or backyard parties with friends and family. HUBs will appreciate another tool to add to their arsenal of entertainment.

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