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Working With SDI 2.0

The complete guide to understanding motives, managing conflict, and coaching strengths at work 

Published 2021

Create a workplace where relationships thrive.

No book about relationships can take the place of learning in real situations, but Working With SDI 2.0 serves as a useful guide and resource. Learning is not limited to a classroom or online platform. Learning happens every day- if you let it. 

Working With SDI 2.0 reinforces and expands concepts from the Strength Deployment Inventory (SDI), including an overview of Relationship Intelligence and how it applies to each Motivational Value System, Strength, Overdone Strength, and Conflict Sequence. Readers will gain a better understanding of their SDI 2.0 results, as well as insight to adjust their approach to make interactions more effective. 

For previous users of Working with SDI, this updated version features new insight on how to:

  • Effectively listen and communicate with each MVS and Conflict Sequence
  • Deliver meaningful feedback and inspire peak performance
  • Promote healthy opposition and diversity of opinions with new Craft of Conflict questions
  • Plus, a new section on SDI 2.0 theory and reliability

Praise for Working With SDI 2.0

“Working with SDI 2.0 is transformational. In a matter of months, we have seen a paradigm shift in leaders, who now reflexively pause to consider the impact of their approach, language, and behavior on their outcomes. These daily ‘light bulb’ moments improve our productivity, culture, and morale in real-time.”

Judy Fitzgerald

Commissioner, State of Georgia, Department of Behavioral Health and Developmental Disabilities


“Relationships are the currents of life, and we finally have a practical manual in Working with SDI 2.0 to help us navigate these difficult seas. This book inspires us to improve while remaining true to ourselves.”

– Kristopher Potrafka

SVP, Strategic Planning and Communications, Clear Channel


Working With SDI 2.0 is clearly explained, documented, and based on credible theory and supporting research. The reader will not be disappointed; it works.”

– Jay Finkelman Ph.D., ABPP

Chief Academic Officer, The Chicago School of Professional Psychology

When relationships work, there isn’t a problem that can’t be solved.

Core Strengths is Now Part of Crucial Learning.

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