TotalSDI is now SDI 2.0

The next generation of Relationship Intelligence

The SDI 2.0 offers the most scientifically accurate and complete view of a person in our 50-year history. The focus on motives, conflict, strengths, and overdone strengths provides the most significant improvement to relational competencies.

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Example of comparing two teammates on the SDI 2.0 Platform

Upgrade your effectiveness

“The more personality theory can be for a person rather than about a person, the better it will serve the person.” – Dr. Elias Porter.

See for yourself how the new SDI 2.0 user experience and real-time insights help people be more productive in their every day relationships and work.

These are the tools for shaping results through relationships.

Just because teams are having a conversation doesn’t mean it’s a productive one. Through our SDI 2.0 assessment, training, and platform, your teams will use Relationship Intelligence (RQ) to improve the content of their conversations and reduce conflict.

Core Strengths Platform

Our platform gives teams access to RQ in each interaction, so people don’t have to guess their way through relationship dynamics.

SDI 2.0 Assessments

Each person on the team can measure their motives, response to conflict, strengths, and weaknesses overdone strengths—and learn how they relate to their colleagues.

Virtual Delivery

No more antiquated slides and PDFs. Our best-in-class virtual presenter tools make it easy to deliver true behavioral transformation in a matter of hours. 

Twitter used the SDI 2.0 Assessment and training to improve teamwork, leading to faster-moving projects and better quality.

Amazon uses the SDI 2.0 Assessment to build the high-performing team responsible for securing its global assets.
The VA used a 2-day team workshop with us to mediate conflict and save $340,000.

Making the Transition


We know change is a process that involves learning and adaptation. The SDI 2.0 builds on the already solid scientific foundation by putting the power of the SDI in the hands of people who use it every day. It delivers on the promise of giving people insight to deploy their strengths more effectively at work. Thank you for joining us during this transition.


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