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“Core Strengths is a really great tool. It’s easy to get your head around and easy to facilitate.”

Tim Browne

Founder of Tim Browne Limited


Using the SDI 2.0 for roughly 20 years, Tim is an early adopter of Core Strengths. As the founder of Tim Browne Limited, he has continued to integrate the assessment and the new platform into his business model. Just as Core Strengths has been valuable for his practice, Browne emphasizes how the Platform’s features are “a complete, ongoing, developmental tool that any individual can apply.” The accessible team-strengthening insight has kept clients committed to Core Strengths, leading Browne to the easy decision of becoming a partner.

“Core Strengths enables my clients to figure out what’s going right with their teams and what’s going wrong. It’s a phenomenal coaching tool that I wish I had early on in my consultancy.”


The equitable language of Core Strengths in conjunction with Browne’s facilitation elevates his client’s experience. The SDI 2.0 is simple enough to be understood, but specific enough for clients to connect with and continue to use what they’ve learned. “You’re not teaching anything people don’t already know. People already have labels for people. What you’re doing is creating a framework to clarify misperceptions around those labels and enable them to build their relationships on a shared understanding.” Browne has also cleverly applied the SDI 2.0 to sales teams, coaching them to predict their customer’s Motives for better results. Even in the digital reality of the pandemic, Browne found this teachable and equally useful as a remote partner.


Partnering with Core Strengths has allowed Browne to have a lasting impact beyond his consulting days. He explained, “It gives my clients another tool to figure out what’s going right and what’s going wrong. And they can do that themselves. Obviously, it’s a phenomenal coaching tool.” Because of the Core Strengths Platform, Browne is able to let his clients take ownership of their SDI 2.0 results. They learn the common language, integrate it, and see lasting benefits. Everything they learn is conducive to continuous communication processes and proactive mentalities, making for a symbiotic relationship between client and consultant.

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