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Core Strengths’ user-friendly tools and global applicability helps Service Express transform team dynamics, communication, and conflict resolution within the organization.

Core Strengths Training at Service Express
Service Express

“If you want to build better relationships and enhance the emotional IQ within your teams, gaining deeper insights into what motivates individuals, then Core Strengths is the tool for you.”

Kim Ulberg

Director of global learning and development


Service Express, a global leader in comprehensive data center solutions, embarked on a journey to enhance team dynamics and leadership effectiveness. In collaboration with Core Strengths, the company aimed to optimize its learning and development initiatives. Kim Ulberg, Director of Global Learning and Development, and Lisa Haberman, Learning Development Consultant, have played pivotal roles in the implementation and success of Core Strengths within Service Express.

The Challenge

The Learning and Development Team at Service Express crafted a robust three-month leadership initiative, Ignite Your Influence, designed to nurture essential skills for effective influence. Throughout the program, participants engage in a transformative journey, gaining insights into self-awareness and acquiring crucial skills in building empathy, authenticity, and communication. The program’s overarching goals are to help leaders instill trust, foster commitment, and drive results within their teams. Recognizing the importance of integrating a personality assessment at the program’s conclusion, the team sought a solution aligned with their specific needs.

The Core Strengths Solution

While evaluating various assessment options for the Ignite program, Kim Ulberg consulted a certified trainer on LinkedIn. Following an insightful conversation, the trainer recommended Core Strengths and the SDI 2.0 assessment, citing its alignment with the program’s objectives. Reflecting on this, Ulberg expressed, “After that conversation, I researched Core Strengths and all it encompassed. It was a clear choice; it fit perfectly.” She continued, emphasizing that Core Strengths has enhanced the program and seamlessly integrated into their overall objectives.

Originally introduced for the Ignite program, Core Strengths has expanded its impact into the team’s broader offering of team effectiveness, as explained by Lisa Haberman, “We facilitate Core Strengths for any team in Service Express that asks for it or where we identify a need for relationship building. Whether for new teams, those aiming to enhance relationships, or those who’ve participated in the Ignite program and want to bring it to their team. It has become a great tool for our team development initiatives.”

The Benefit

1. Team Effectiveness and Communication

Core Strengths has become a key component of Service Express’s team effectiveness initiatives. The program recalibrates assumptions about teammates, helping others understand who they are, how they like to work, their values, and communication preferences. “At the end of the day, it really ties everything together, and helps us meet our organization’s goals more effectively and efficiently through better communication,” said Haberman. 

2. Addressing Overdone Strengths and Conflict Resolution

The SDI 2.0 provides four views of an individual and the two views that provide “ah-ha” moments particularly for learners has been recognizing their overdone strengths and conflict sequences. Understanding these areas about themselves and their teammates helps to facilitate discussions on conflict resolution, and enables teams to navigate challenges efficiently through better communication.

3. Global Collaboration and Relationship Building

As Service Express expanded globally, Core strengths emerged as an essential tool for fostering collaboration across diverse teams. The insights into individual Motivational Value Systems (MVS) facilitates better understanding and collaboration, bridging cultural gaps and promoting a common language for effective global communication. 

4. User-Friendly Tools and App Integration

Tools like the Compare feature within the Platform and the Core Strengths App have been game changers, allowing for quick overviews of team members’ MVS, enhancing communication and helping to avoid conflict. “To be able to use the app to quickly look up someone’s communication style and conflict triggers before a meeting has been amazing,” says Ulberg. Additionally, with the recent upgrades to the Compare feature, it is now utilized organization-wide to help facilitate better communication and navigate conflict.

Why Recommend Core Strengths

When asked what makes Core Strengths a recommended tool, Ulberg states, “If you want to build better relationships and enhance the emotional IQ within your teams, gaining deeper insights into what motivates individuals, then Core Strengths is the tool for you.” Haberman highlighted Core Strengths’ adaptability to address specific team challenges and going beyond just improving relationships; it facilitates continuous improvement, enabling individuals to better comprehend others’ strengths, values, and conflict triggers at work and in their personal lives.

About Service Express

Service Express is an industry-leading data center solutions provider specializing in multi-vendor maintenance, hybrid cloud and managed infrastructure services. Driven by nearly 1,000 team members worldwide, Service Express is committed to its people-powered culture and developing its people. To learn more about Service Express, visit www.serviceexpress.com.

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