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Scalable pricing to fit your needs

Choose the plan to fit your team’s needs or leverage our experts to build a customized solution just for you. 


Ideal for small teams and pilot programs looking to get started with Relationship Intelligence (RQ). 


per user / month*

$110 per user / annually

Billed Annually

Pricing is based on a team of 25


Ideal for small teams and pilot programs looking to get started with Relationship Intelligence (RQ). 


per user / month*

$90 per user / annually

Billed Annually

Pricing is based on a team of 100


Scale RQ in the flow of work to support strategic leadership and talent development in your organization.


Get a quote custom built to meet your organization's needs. ​


Get a quote custom built to meet your organization's needs. ​

Extended Features included with your Subscription

What if you had instant access into everyone’s communication style?
Get personalized communication tips for your colleagues. Now it’s possible to tailor your approach to custom-fit each person you work with – right when you need it.Receive personalized communication tips to help you:
  • Have productive meetings
  • Know what to say (and what not to say) even if there’s conflict
  • Understand how to approach difficult conversations
  • Master multiple communication styles and build trust.

Develop Relationally-Intelligent Leaders

Measurement, Impact, and Reinforcement

How do you measure training effectiveness? Are your leaders impacting the people they lead, or are the learnings left behind in the classroom? 


Do you have additional team members that can benefit from the Core Strengths Experience?

What will your leaders learn?

  • How to strengthen team relationships and build trust 
  • Understand how colleagues relate to each other and productively navigate conflict
  • Increase commitment and responsibility for achieving results
  • How to get everyone to engage their strengths for greater effectiveness
  • How to guide teams to the best decisions for your organization


The outcome

In every meeting, message, and conversation, your leaders will have the Relationship Intelligence tools to build trust, generate commitment, and drive results beyond one-and-done training events. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, our plans all require at least a 1 year annual commitment.

Of course, reach out to one of our experts for custom pricing if your team is smaller than 25. 

The short answer is yes. If you need to modify or add members to your account during your annual plan we can help with that.

You can always purchase an individual SDI 2.0 assessment but you will not be able to share or compare your results with your team.

Ongoing relationship intelligence

The platform for improving work relationships

Core Strengths helps you develop leaders that understand what moves the people they lead and provides reinforcement tools to sustain learning. Beyond intrapersonal insight, our SDI 2.0 assessment provides inter-personal measurement. That means leaders and teams will learn how to see, hear, and value each other and get personalized insights for each team member in the flow of work. 

See how you can strengthen trust and build winning teams.

Working with Core Strengths has been a game changer for our leadership and development transformation. To understand others, we need to be aware of ourselves – our motivations, strengths, how we manage conflict - so that we can optimize relationships to build trust faster and achieve results. Self-awareness is a daily practice that requires intention, and by leveraging Core Strengths and the SDI 2.0 assessment, we have been able to bring this to the forefront.

Rae Kyriazis

Global Vice President Field Transformation & Readiness at SAP

Other Apps and Integrations

Bring RQ into your everyday work flows….


The SDI 2.0 (Strength Deployment Inventory) is a strengths assessment about you and how you relate to others. It measures your core motives, how you experience conflict, your strengths, and how strengths can be overdone, limiting interpersonal effectiveness. With these four views, it delivers personalized Relationship Intelligence (RQ) to help you and your teams build trust and form productive relationships.

Immediate access to your personalized online self debrief of results. After you complete the SDI 2.0 assessment you are guided through a series of videos, completely custom to your results.

As a Core Strengths Facilitator, you can use our presenter platform to create bespoke classes, sync learners’ assessment results to a stand-alone presentation software, and customize slide content to meet your training and development needs. 

Connect & compare results with your team, this functionality allows you and your team the ability to view each other’s results and compare them side by side. Perfect for prepping for a meeting, sending a message, or starting a conversation.

When your SDI 2.0 results are connected between members of your team – the insight is multiplied. Team views of the SDI 2.0 results reveal the collective balance of motives, conflict and strengths needed to raise the right issues, make strong decisions and keep the work flowing.

With instant access to customized communication tips, teams can more clearly see the positive intent behind one another’s actions, and the dynamics of relationships then become easier to navigate. 

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