Live Webinar: How to Have Important Conversations with Confidence

On-Demand: Retain Employees by Boosting Manager Effectiveness


It’s as true today as it has always been: Employees don’t quit their jobs – they leave their managers. But it’s also true that, sometimes, it isn’t entirely the manager’s fault. Many of us have what we’d call “accidental managers” (a worker who was promoted because of their technical expertise and track record but lacks the skills and expertise in managing a team). For managers to be successful, they must be able to build trust, generate commitment, and drive results through strong relationships with their teams.

This webinar, hosted by Dr. Gil Brady, discusses the key elements managers need to ensure that they retain their top talent and keep their teams fully engaged.

In this on-demand webinar, we’ll cover:

  • Build rapport and trust with each employee using Relationship Intelligence
  • Create a two-sided contract that meets organizational and individual goals
  • Build collaboration and trust in your team so that everyone has a voice, creating a culture of feedback
  • Focus on the development and growth of individuals on your team to fuel engagement

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