Live Webinar: How to Have Important Conversations with Confidence

“We use the SDI 2.0 to understand biases and how we’re perceived. We then know how to use this awareness to navigate those perceptions productively instead of from a place of conflict.”

Natalie Eicher

Co-CEO of Mettacool


Mettacool is focused on gender equity, inclusion, and workplace wellbeing for female talent on a global scale. With such a significant undertaking, CEO and founder Natalie Eicher sought out a strengths assessment to create additive value she could trust. Eicher was drawn into the Relationship Intelligence application of strengths, and believed Core Strengths could improve her client’s understanding of themselves and others. “We trust Core Strengths because of it’s proven research and psychological foundation. There’s a credibility and a wow-factor when we’re talking to new clients about why we use the SDI 2.0 assessment and why we use the Core Strengths platform” Eicher said, finding that her clients were excited as she was. Ultimately, when Eicher looked to achieve her mission statement the Core Strengths offerings were conducive to these successes.

“We trust Core Strengths because of it’s proven relationship science and research. There’s a credibility and wow-factor when we’re talking to new clients about why we use the SDI 2.0 assessment and why we use the Core Strengths platform.”


The Collective Advancement Academy is Mettacool’s 12-month talent development program for female leaders. They integrate the SDI 2.0 with their own research to help female leaders counter gender bias. Specifically in reclaiming bias, “when we’re going through our program we’re looking to expand their influence so it helps with the art of influence. Core Strengths helps them understand how they can build relationships and positively influence others by understanding what motivates others. It’s not just about your own self-awareness.” As a Core Strengths partner, Eicher is able to prepare women leaders to use Relationship Intelligence to navigate their career challenges and growth. Mettacool has made Core Strengths a part of their internal team. In addition to facilitating the experiential workshops, Eicher agreed that taking the SDI 2.0 as a team has remained relevant in their own practice.


Beyond the immediate benefits with Mettacool’s clients, Eicher has been able to scale their impact because of the tools Core Strengths provides. When Mettacool began with Core Strengths, “we were much smaller, but now on a global scale, we have continued providing the Core Strengths benefits without hindrance. Of all of the learning sessions our client’s experience, Core Strengths is consistently rated in their top 3 most valuable sessions,” said Eicher. A partnership with Core Strengths is built on additive value, customer satisfaction, and a nimble platform that can grow alongside your company.

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