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Government of Alberta

The Government of Alberta’s integration of the SDI 2.0 and Relationship Intelligence into their leadership development programs helps leaders gain crucial self-awareness and understanding of others, enabling them to build trust, generate commitment, and drive results within their teams.

“The one thing I appreciate about Core Strengths is that it takes complex human information and simplifies it in a way that a person can have a reasonable understanding to start meaningful dialogue.”

Aaron Tremblett

Coach and Senior Consultant

The Challenge:

The Government of Alberta recognizes the significance of effective leadership in driving organizational success and achieving strategic objectives. With a large workforce of 26,000 employees, leaders must possess the necessary skills and tools to excel in their roles.

To address the gap in providing leaders with the necessary support and development opportunities, they turned to Core Strengths to help leaders gain valuable self-awareness and understanding of others to empower them to take actionable steps towards building trust, generating commitment, and driving results with their teams.

The Core Strengths Solution

Core Strengths is foundational to the Government of Alberta’s primary leadership development programs for front-line supervisors, managers, and directors. The SDI 2.0 assessment provides leaders with awareness of their motivational value system (MVS), greater Relationship Intelligence, and supports them in increasing their effectiveness across the teams they lead. 

The SDI 2.0 has also proved invaluable within the one-on-one coaching component of the leadership development programs. During coaching sessions, the coaches can reference the insights from the platform to help leaders acknowledge their motives and navigate issues related to staffing, discomfort, uncertainty, or how to better leverage strengths in different situations. “The one thing I appreciate about Core Strengths is that it takes complex human information and simplifies it in a way that a person can have a reasonable understanding to start meaningful dialogue,” says Aaron Tremblett, Coach and Senior Consultant at the Government of Alberta when describing the value Core Strengths is providing their organization.

Recognizing the value of Relationship Intelligence, leaders often express their desire to have their teams experience Core Strengths. “Traditionally, most of the utilization was with our leaders. But once the leaders have gone through it, they’re like, wow, I want my team to go through this too, “ Tremblett explains. As a result, many intact teams participate, leading to remarkable transformations at individual and team levels. As teams progress through the program, relationships deepen, understanding increases, and leaders and team members begin to experience greater efficiency, enjoyment, and improved collaboration in the workplace. 

Additionally, Core Strengths is employed to support struggling teams. Upon requests for assistance, Aaron’s team provides Core Strengths sessions for teams facing conflict. Through these sessions, team members gain insights into their strengths, shortcomings, blind spots, and how they affect their interactions with others. The transformational impact that Relationship Intelligence provides teams is evident as relationships improve, conflicts diminish, and teams achieve greater success together.

The Benefit

Integrating Core Strengths into the Government of Alberta’s leadership development programs has yielded several significant benefits for leaders and their teams.

  1. Enhanced Communication and Understanding: Core Strengths provides leaders with the foundation to understand their motives, their work style, and those of their team members. This understanding enabled leaders to adjust their communication styles and connect with their teams more effectively, reducing misunderstandings and improving overall collaboration.
  2. Relationship Building and Trust: By deepening their understanding of team members’ values and perspectives, leaders and team members develop stronger relationships. This increased trust and mutual understanding within teams facilitates smoother interactions, higher engagement, and improved productivity.
  3. Conflict Resolution and Problem-Solving: The conflict sequence framework helps leaders identify the sources of conflicts within their teams. This awareness empowers them to address conflicts proactively, leading to more effective problem-solving and resolution.
  4. Self-Awareness and Overcoming Imposter Syndrome: Core Strengths encourages leaders to examine their strengths and overdone strengths. This increased self-awareness helps them navigate challenges like imposter syndrome and fosters personal growth.
  5. Simplified Complexity: Core Strengths’ ability to measure complex human information and package it in a way that leaders can easily understand provides leaders with a common language and a starting point for meaningful dialogue, empowering them to engage in more productive conversations.
  6. Empowerment for Growth: The simplicity and accuracy of the Core Strengths Platform empower leaders to embark on a journey of personal and professional growth. It provides them with the necessary tools and insights to address challenges and develop strategies for success.

Innovation that Connects

In addition to the SDI 2.0 assessment, the Government of Alberta also utilizes the Core Strengths Platform, Mobile App, and Microsoft Outlook plug-in to allow team members to compare work styles and get helpful communication tips for effective collaboration and navigating conflict. “The app is a really clean, simple way to connect and compare directly between our team,” says Tremblett. The team is also working towards integrating the Core Strengths Microsoft Teams app that will allow them to embed Relationship Intelligence insights into teams’ daily meetings, messaging, and conversations.

About the Government of Alberta:

The Government of Alberta is one of the largest employers in Alberta with over 26,000 employees throughout the province. As an award winning organization that values respect, accountability, integrity, and excellence, the organization is focused on building a stronger province and making a positive and lasting difference in the lives of all Albertans.

When relationships work, there isn’t a problem that can’t be solved.

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