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A Manager's Guide to Onboarding

Create a holistic introduction to a new team and company.

Onboarding is a crucial moment in the employee experience because it is the first opportunity for the organization to live up to – or fall short of – the promises it made during the recruitment and hiring process.

In fact, 93% of employers agree that a successful onboarding experience will influence a new hire’s decision to stay at the company. So why do only 29% of employees think their company did a good job with their onboarding, and what can organizations do to bridge that gap?

This guide provides managers with insights on how to create a great onboarding experience that connects them with their new hire, and connects them to the team and the organization in a meaningful way by:

  • Covering the four Cs of effective onboarding
  • Understanding what motivates your new hire
  • Minimizing imposter syndrome for new employees

Bring Core Strengths to your organization

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