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SDI 2.0 Personalized Results Videos

Core Strengths® Launches Personalized Results Videos to Help Learners Understand and Apply SDI 2.0 Personality Assessment Results in Real-Time

CARLSBAD, Calif., September 10, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — Core Strengths, an award-winning, global provider of assessments, training, and technology tools to increase talent effectiveness, today released a groundbreaking new feature on its Talent Effectiveness Platform. The platform, which launched in May 2019, delivers workplace relationship intelligence and coaching tailored to each person’s unique SDI 2.0 assessment results. This new feature enables users to receive their results via self-paced, personalized videos in tandem with written descriptions of their motives and strengths.

Prior to this release, learners required consultation with a certified facilitator to access and start to apply the deep insight of the assessment results. The new SDI 2.0 Personalized Results Videos now enable people to directly view their personalized results videos from the almost limitless number of possibilities. This innovative feature makes it possible for anyone to take the comprehensive SDI 2.0 personality assessment, receive their results on the spot, and start using the insights to improve relationships, build better teams, and coach for performance.

When Dr. Tim Scudder, Creator of the SDI 2.0, was asked why this feature is so revolutionary in the personality assessment and training industry, he noted, “The personalized results videos allow learners to gain immediate insight into their SDI 2.0 results so they can apply the real-time relationship intelligence without meeting with a certified facilitator. This unprecedented access means improved relationships and increased productivity at scale. Now this in-depth personality assessment is available even to people who do not have access to structured training programs or personal coaches.!”

Dr. Mike Patterson, renowned author, principal, and master facilitator at Core Strengths, followed up by saying, “From an organizational training aspect, the self-paced debrief videos provide the opportunity to have more flexibility in training schedules as time is freed up to allow additional reinforcing activities.” “From an organizational training perspective, the self-paced debrief videos provide the opportunity to flip the classroom to allow more time to focus on application-focused activities.”

Interested in learning how you, your team, or your organization can experience the power of the SDI 2.0 and Talent Effectiveness Platform?

About the Company:

Core Strengths, is transforming the talent development industry by introducing relationship intelligence as a utility for leaders. Since 1971 over three million leaders have taken the SDI 2.0, the foundation of our award-winning talent development solutions and talent effectiveness platform.

Together with our clients, we are game-changing the manager relationship, deepening team effectiveness, transforming work environments, and driving outstanding business results through relationships worldwide. We’ve created award-winning psychological assessments, a Talent Effectiveness Platform of the future and are obsessed with continuing to improve the manager’s relationship with their team.

When relationships work, there isn’t a problem that can’t be solved.

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