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Core Strengths Expands Board of Directors to Bolster Data Science Integrations

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Core Strengths announced Som Shahapurkar, Ph.D., and Greg Barnett, Ph.D. will join the company’s Board of Directors. 

SAN DIEGO, July 28, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Core Strengths, the inventor of Relationship Intelligence and global leader in team effectiveness for the enterprise, today announced that Som Shahapurkar, Ph.D., and Greg Barnett, Ph.D. will join the company’s Board of Directors. 

Dr. Som Shahapurkar has built and operationalized Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), and advanced analytics for the entirety of his career. He’s led teams at Intel, Verizon, and FICO and is an adjunct Professor of Artificial Intelligence at the University of San Diego. Som holds patents in applied AI and co-founded an AI startup for energy management. “The vision of Core Strengths is inspiring. Integrating AI and ML inside their Relationship Intelligence will be transformative for organizations. Team collaboration and performance are about to get an upgrade,” said Dr. Shahapurkar.

Greg Barnett is an Industrial/Organizational Psychologist with over 20 years of experience in HR Technology and SaaS. He is currently the Chief People Scientist at Energage and consulted over half of the Fortune 50 in employee selection, leadership development, engagement, and coaching. He’s passionate about leveraging innovation and data science to help people perform at their best. His clients include Microsoft, IBM, Bank of America, AT&T, Citigroup, Boeing, and Walmart. “I couldn’t be more excited to join Core Strengths. They’re building innovative new products and solutions for customers and helping people meet the challenges of this new world of work,” said Dr. Barnett.

“Core Strengths is built on the foundation that people are unique and different, and those differences shape the way we connect with others. Whether you work in an office, remotely, or a hybrid of both, people still need to establish meaningful connections. The need to collaborate, understand each other, and communicate effectively is greater than ever. Som and Greg’s expertise will help us deliver smarter and more nuanced communication tips to help teams have better meetings, messages, and conversations – and by extension, more productive relationships,” said Tim Scudder, Ph.D. Author and Principal at Core Strengths.

About Core Strengths

Core Strengths’ mission is to make work better by helping teams work together. Built on 50 years of science, Relationship Intelligence (RQ) empowers leaders and teams to optimize their work styles and strengthen trust. Over 5 million users in organizations worldwide rely on Core Strengths to measure talent, coach employees, and build winning teams.

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