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“I was learning this a month before I had to use it, and it just made sense. It clicked. It wasn’t clunky. It wasn’t awkward, and it wasn’t hard to follow. I didn’t have to learn another language to learn Core Strengths. It was like plain English.

Brad Romaniszyn

Unlocking You Counseling


Unlocking You Counseling strives to improve relationships in and out of work, and counselor Brad Romaniszyn found that Core Strengths aligned with his mission. Using the Core Strengths platform meant Romaniszyn could impact high-volume teams at his standards, and after seeing its success, he chose to become a Certified Partner. After receiving his SDI 2.0 results, he found our assessment exceeded its competitors, “It confirms things people sort of know intuitively in some ways, but then gives them deeper insight as well. It couldn’t have gone better.”


Core Strengths worked for Romaniszyn from the jump; the prepared slides and dynamic platform capabilities appealed to his clients immediately. The directness of the SDI 2.0 report meant that “It made sense for everyone. There were machiners, mechanics, accountants, directors––the whole range of people at this company, all different roles, and they all got it. It made sense to every single person.” The common language employed by Core Strengths gave Romaniszyn’s client base more time to connect with the information rather than decode it. Which, on the other hand, allowed for Romaniszyn to deliver more results for his clients.


The benefit of Core Strengths to interdisciplinary teams is the mutual language they can begin to use with one another. So despite any job title or any MVS, Romaniszyn could better understand each individual, and his clients could do the same. The benefits included an improvement in Romaniszyn’s own life, finding that this partnership made for “The most I’ve enjoyed my work in years, to be honest.” Ultimately, Core Strengths provided Romaniszyn with valuable scalability, so utilizing the SDI 2.0 could benefit teams ranging from a few individual’s relationships or an entire company’s.

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