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10,000 Lives Initiative

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We recognize that systemic change is needed with action-oriented steps. Discover how Core Strengths is taking action.

Black leadership matters.

“Change will not come if we wait for some other person or some other time. We are the ones we’ve been waiting for. We are the change that we seek.”

– Barack Obama

Diversity, inclusion, and equity – that’s a world we want to help build. Core Strengths has spent almost 50 years studying the science of relationships and how to improve them. Our relationship intelligence solutions have been implemented with great success at Fortune 100s, universities, government agencies, non-profits, and beyond. However, there is a gap – Black voices in leadership!

As a Core Strengths Facilitator, I have experienced the transformational power of Core Strengths. It has provided both myself and others a common language around motivation and increased abilities to effectively build stronger work teams resulting in more successful collaborations and enhanced inclusive environments.

Erin Wilson, MS, CLC, Core Strengths Facilitator

It is vital that Black voices are not just amplified in spaces they were once quieted but also that those voices have all the tools they need to connect and collaborate with everyone in the space. Core Strengths gives you the ability to have a deeper understanding of relationships which is what matters when influencing change. 

We recognize that systemic change is needed with action-oriented steps.

 Here’s how Core Strengths is going to take action:

  • We will invest in Black leaders enrolled at HBCUs and their alumni.
  • We will invest in Black high school students
  • We will invest in Black professionals around the world regardless of industry
  • We will certify 500 teachers, mentors, and administrators to become Core Strengths Facilitators, who will then train 10,000 more in their respective communities.
  • We will offer free training to law enforcement agencies and others on the front lines where racial and social justice issues are best addressed.

During a rally in Iowa (2020), Vice President Kamala Harris said to two young Black women “You never have to ask anyone permission to lead. I want you to remember that, okay? When you want to lead, you lead.” Core Strengths is backing this statement and understands that our assessment and training can assist Black leaders with additional skills and frameworks to lead authentically and unapologetically through their Strengths. There’s a long road ahead of us, but together we are stronger.

Therefore, Core Strengths is committed to providing our award-winning training and assessments to current and future Black leaders across industries, with special interest given to Black Greek-lettered organizations, Black higher education professionals and Black college students (with emphasis given to HBCUs). These investments are our way of becoming the change we seek in the areas of diversity, equity and inclusion. 

This assessment has guided my leadership and work for the past 6 years with college students, Greek-lettered organizations and working professionals. I am excited about the opportunity for Clear Pathway Consulting Services, LLC to partner with Core Strengths to assess and train Black leaders, including students and working professionals worldwide, with special interest given to HBCUs and Black Greek-lettered organizations.

Kellie M. Dixon, EdD, CLC, Core Strengths Facilitator

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