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Core Strengths Platform powered by SDI 2.0


Welcome to Core Strengths Platform, the portal into your working relationships. We’re here to help you better understand yourself and grow your relationship intelligence, so you can connect with others to solve more problems and get more done.

Personalized Debrief

Immediately after taking the SDI 2.0 assessment, you will receive a personalized self-debrief journey, with videos and content exploring your unique motives, how you respond in conflict, and the strengths you use to get results.


Imagine if you knew what to say in every meeting, even the tough ones. Or you had the ability to write any email, even when the stakes are high. And you could confidently talk with anyone, even when there’s conflict.

Now you can.


The quality of your team’s interactions determine your results. Learn how to adjust communication styles, have tough conversations, present ideas, and disagree without creating conflict. Oh, and you can build as many teams as you like.


Delivering a Core Strengths: Results through Relationship workshop just got easier! Build classes (virtual or in-person), send invitations, take attendance, and get your evaluations with ease. 

See the Core Strengths Platform in action

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