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Building High-Performing Teams

Relationships make or break team success.

Beyond all the strategies for team performance are the relationships that hold them together. Relationship Intelligence (RQ) is the metric that matters most but often gets addressed least.

When teams don't work.

How do you help the team that allows the criticism of co-workers to overshadow the appreciation of strengths? How do you transform a culture that prefers taking the credit versus taking the initiative? How do you restore trust when team members do their own thing or team leaders dominate all decisions? 

While it’s not easy, the path is clear. Better teams are possible when you know what makes each member tick.

RQ takes teamwork to a higher level.

Productivity is a multi-player game. The teams that get the most done embrace diversity, value perspectives, and aim each member’s strengths in the same direction.

RQ makes this possible by uniting teams with a common language and timely relationship insight. With fine-tuned self-awareness and a greater appreciation of differing communication styles, high RQ teams are free to focus their collective energy towards meaningful goals.

SDI 2.0 Team Triangle

The benefits of implementing RQ:

  • Better decision-making
  • Increased productivity
  • Greater retention
  • Less conflict
  • Higher engagement
  • Less burnout
  • More leaders emerge
  • Improved reputation within the community
  • More collective grit, tenacity, and commitment

These are the tools for building high-performing teams.

Even the best collaboration technology doesn’t guarantee collaboration.
Just because teams are having a conversation doesn’t mean it’s a productive one. Through our assessment, training, and platform, your teams will use RQ to improve the content of their conversations and reduce conflict.

Core Strengths Platform

Our platform gives teams access to RQ in each interaction, so people don’t have to guess their way through relationship dynamics.

SDI 2.0 Assessments

Each person on the team can measure their motives, response to conflict, strengths, and weaknesses overdone strengths—and learn how they relate to their colleagues.

Team Performance Workshops

We teach your teams how to use RQ as a shorthand for communication and apply it in real situations, so they can navigate conflict and reclaim productivity.

Twitter used the SDI 2.0 Assessment and training to improve teamwork, leading to faster-moving projects and better quality.

Amazon uses the SDI 2.0 Assessment to build the high-performing team responsible for securing its global assets.
The VA used a 2-day team workshop with us to mediate conflict and save $340,000.

Together: The Ultimate Guide to Team Relationships

This guide is our gift to help your teams build trust, resilience, and use their strengths to solve the unforeseen challenges ahead. Because there’s one thing we’re certain of – when relationships work, there isn’t a problem we can’t solve.

We’re in this with you, together.

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Take the first steps toward building high-performing teams.

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