Live Webinar: How to Have Important Conversations with Confidence

“I don’t need to focus on selling individual assessments anymore. Now I sell culture building tools, yes there are assessments, but they are included.” 

Morten Andresen

Owner of Solid Utvikling AS


Morten Andresen’s Norway-based consulting agency, Solid Utvikling AS, discovered clients were seeking stronger interpersonal and persuasive skills in their workplaces. Providing their expertise to both private and public sectors, using Core Strengths to achieve these goals succeeded in both fields. Andresen was first introduced to the SDI 2.0 through a previous client partnership and now similarly connects many workplaces to solutions through Core Strengths. Andresen found Core Strengths especially effective in STEM-related industries. “Because of technology, certain employees need to change how they work with their clients, and that requires other types of skills. Skills that they don’t have.” In partnership with Core Strengths, Andresen and Solid Utvikling AS is able to revolutionize interpersonal skills for their clients.


At Solid Utvikling AS, a partnership with Core Strengths means adding the Relationship Intelligence tools to a more extensive program. Alongside their own methodologies, the SDI 2.0 helps their clients achieve their long-term management goals. In this way, Core Strengths provides value to both parties. “These are clients that we’ve had long-term relationships with, and they trust us. So we’ve let them taste what it’s about and how to benefit from SDI 2.0, and they are sold.” The convinced clients receive a better understanding of each other’s motives and strengths, and as a partner, Andresen expands his contract’s scope with clients. In both scenarios, both clients and Core Strengths partners benefit from these added values.


The online integrations available with the Core Strengths platform allow the training to extend beyond the one-day workshops. The continued use of SDI 2.0 language keeps Andresen’s work relevant for his clients even beyond his consultancy. This change in the Core Strengths strategy is incredibly valuable for partners like Andresen, who empathized that “I don’t need to focus on selling individual assessments anymore. Now I sell culture building tools, yes there are assessments, but they are included.” The potential for lasting improvements makes a partnership with Core Strengths one that persists in value for each group involved.

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