Live Webinar: How to Have Important Conversations with Confidence



Is every conversation your people avoid

The insights that go unexpressed

And all the opinions that fall on deaf ears.

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Annual Cost of Conflict

The cost is real

and yet lost productivity is rarely measured, because leaders tend to address it the same way they address conflict:

by hoping it goes away

Even more troubling

Most of the training that aims to improve communication and heighten productivity rarely, if ever, gets applied to the daily conversations that determine outcomes, especially when the stakes are high and emotions run higher.

We believe that one-dimensional personality profiles don't really help.

Why? Because most teams have either too much conflict or not enough opposition to see all sides of an issue. And you need a whole lot more relationship intelligence than just strengths to address that.

Don’t get us wrong. We start with an assessment.

But our Strength Deployment Inventory (SDI 2.0) assesses people’s motives, drives, and values—not just their strengths. Then our Results through Relationship training puts that Relationship Intelligence to work, teaching people to apply knowledge about themselves, and the insights they’ve learned about others, to real conversations.

Our Relationship Intelligence Is Continually Reinforced

Which is a big differentiator for us. Back in the real world, Core Strength’s relationship intelligence lives with your people through real-time coaching, so they have higher quality interactions in the conversations where problems get solved, ideas get challenged, and business goals get done faster.

Better relationships can accomplish any change your organisation needs.

Leadership Development

High-Performing Teams

Conflict Management

Diversity and Inclusion


And that lost productivity?

It isn’t lost anymore.

Achieve Business Goals Fatser

What matters most to us are the kids. It’s not just what we as a leadership team have to get done, but how we get it done collaboratively. The youth we serve each day are depending on us to work together and get it right.
Thomas Rajan
Senior VP of Strategic Leadership and Development

See our Core Strengths RQ platform in action

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