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Leadership Development

Leadership: Driving Results

Leaders as Multipliers

The best leaders act as multipliers that bring out the best in others by sparking imagination, creating motivation, providing choice in place of command and control, and through clear and resonant communication with their teams and across the organisation.

Bringing out the best in others requires the ability to appreciate diverse perspectives and personalities while communicating in a way that both respects and is tailored to these differences. Relationships and the ability to connect and relate to all types of people regardless of rank, title, or role is a critical skill for any successful leader. Doing so also enables all other components of leadership.

Unfortunately, relationship-building skills don’t come naturally and require an investment of time, effort, and a healthy dose of empathy. Even the most affable leaders who generally have strong people skills require insight to connect with people across a diverse spectrum of personalities, motivations, and experiences. The skill to do so requires a nuanced and flexible approach rather than a one-size-fits-all technique. There are plenty of training programs that attempt it, but any training that takes a fixed approach doesn’t work because people are not the same, and no technique will fit every situation.

The Core Strengths Approach

Recast the Past, Master the Moment, Co-Create the Future

Core Strengths unique approach, helps leaders create greater self and team Relationship Intelligence so they can recast the past, master the moment, and co-create the future with their teams.

Core Strengths, places the Strength Deployment Inventory 2.0 at the center of all leadership development efforts to increase leaders’ understanding of their motives and strengths as well as those of the people around them. Doing so shifts perceptions through greater understanding and clarifies WHY people do what they do and helps relinquish blame and stubborn misperceptions anchored in the past.

Recast the past​
Find missing information, identify misperceptions, and bring a clearer view into the present moment.
Master the moment
Assess motives, bring the right strengths to your relationships, and communicate in the right style.
Co-create the future
Clarify desired results and the most effective way to work together.

Relationship Intelligence (RQ) is the insight to adjust your approach to make interactions more effective.

By shifting past perceptions, leaders are better equipped for productive interactions with colleagues in the present. Leaders can better interpret words and actions while adjusting their approach and choosing the right strengths to engage and motivate colleagues. The payoff with this approach is that it instills personal responsibility for delivering results among all team members.

Moving forward, leaders can leverage Relationship Intelligence to conduct powerful goals-oriented conversations with their team members. In doing so, leaders leverage new awareness of direct reports’ motives and strengths to allow for choice in choosing the best path and which behaviors to use to achieve those goals while creating personal accountability to action and results. Connecting goals to motives yields a nearly limitless spring of energy and passion to help people persevere and succeed in achieving their objectives.

How we work with customers

Assessments, Training, and Core Strengths Platform

Core Strengths uses a multi-faceted approach to develop leaders by combining assessments, an experiential training curriculum, and instant access to the Core Strengths Platform to help leaders connect more effectively with direct reports as well as with customers and partners.

The SDI 2.0 creates a greater awareness of yourself and your teams.

Experiential workshops allow leaders to practice Core Strengths principles in real time

Real-time access to insight and tips to develop better relationships with direct reports

The Results

Customer Success Stories

Core Strengths has a strong track record of delivering results through its comprehensive leadership development offering as well as integrating with our clients’ new and existing training efforts. Learn about the results our customers have achieved by leveraging Core Strengths to build great leaders within their organisations.

Leading now

Relationship Intelligence and Four Trends in Leadership

Master multiple Leadership styles to reduce Conflict in Teams, Foster Inclusion, Eliminate bias, and Build Trust.

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See our Core Strengths RQ platform in action

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