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Deliver Results through Relationships

Attend a Core Strengths workshop to learn the how of working better together.

It’s a big promise, but we mean it — and we have almost 50 years of results to back it. Those results include 3 million people across thousands of organizations, who work with more purpose, satisfaction, and success because of Core Strengths. 

Core Strengths gave our team a common vocabulary for communicating our priorities and resolving conflict. We make decisions more quickly and spend less time trying to untangle disagreements. And we listen and appreciate each other’s input and perspective more, because we see how different viewpoints actually help us see more clearly.
Dixon Keller
Director of Sales, Humana

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Core Strengths helps people build a foundation for developing relationship intelligence and how it can be used to improve communication and create more effective teams in the workplace.

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Download a copy of the Core Strengths: Results through Relationships™ Workshop Overview

Today’s Reality? Relationships are the key to high performing teams.

That’s because the ability to interact effectively with people isn’t a ‘nice-to-have’ – today – its non-negotiable. New goals, different team members, and changing roles, structures and accountabilities are realities that generate poor performance. Faulty work relationships often result in conflict that impact every aspect of delivering projects on plan and on budget. It is not the lack of knowledge, skills or motivation, but the mismanagement of relationships that creates the greatest cost to work teams.

People are complex, and that can make interacting with people challenging. At times, it can make them downright difficult – but relationships don’t have to be. Today, managers need people to understand that everyone speaks a unique ‘collaboration language’. That’s where Core Strengths comes in. Our training helps managers and teams understand their own language, and the languages other people speak. It provides even further understanding of how those languages change during conflict and, in turn, how to prevent, manage and resolve it.

Equip teams to succeed. Give them the tools to take initiative, innovate, and make smart decisions. Give them the Core Strengths advantage.

Core Strengths integrates the communication of three business priorities:

  • People – a concern for helping and developing others
  • Performance – a drive for directing action and achieving results
  • Process – a focus for establishing clear and meaningful order
ExxonMobil introduced the Core Strengths: Results through Relationships workshop to help employees and managers gain greater insight into their motives and those of their team members as well as to improve dialogue and better prevent and manage conflict within teams and between colleagues. Project teams, armed with Core Strengths’ relationship intelligence, transformed what were previously unproductive conversations into interactions that yielded greater innovation and efficiencies.
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What you’ll learn:

In this action-oriented workshop, you’ll discover how to:

  • Develop the skill of collaborative communication.
  • Build stronger commitments and responsibility between people.
  • Increase your ability to engage in productive opposition and better decision making.
  • Understand, accept, and have appreciation of relationship intelligence.
  • Gain personal authenticity.
  • Increase personal accountability for producing results through relationships.
I’m constantly impressed by Core Strengths — both the content, and the ease with which it is delivered. It leverages the power of deep collaboration, and puts that insight to work in the daily choices our managers make.
Debra LaCroix
Learning & Development, Princess Cruises

How you’ll learn:

The Core Strengths workshop helps you transform powerful new concepts into swift, effective action by learning how to:
  • Assess Motives: we need to be clear about the results we want, as well as to understand how to productively handle opposition and conflict.
  • Bring the Right Strength: since it is all about using the right tool for the job – we need to deploy the right strengths (behaviors) while managing our weaknesses (overdone strengths) to give maximum effort.
  • Communicate in the Right Style: we need to leverage the power of a common collaborative language to communicate in a way that other people can understand.
You’ll leave the session with the knowledge and skills critical for addressing your highest-stakes workplace situations—including an action plan tailored to a specific situation you’re facing. Your plan will detail:
  • Assessing what’s really happening beneath the interpersonal surface and how to clearly understand everyone’s motive-driven behavior.
  • What strengths you need to deploy with your team to create the best possible outcomes.
  • How to communicate with your stakeholders in their language to productively achieve your goals.
Core Strengths workshops deliver a huge payoff—translating into maximum ROI.
I no longer feel like I’m guessing or winging it when it comes to managing my team to work better together. Core Strengths gave me a blueprint for how to communicate and engage each person, knowing what matters to them. I delegate more strategically and get better work in return because of it. My team feels more invested and even offer up new ideas and solutions we hadn’t considered before. I’m getting the best work out of my team now—because I know how to.
Jennifer Holthusen
VP of Employee Engagement and Development, US Bank

Put your plan into action

All participants complete an in-class Action Plan that prepares them to build their interpersonal relationships and develop a collaborative language to use in a high-stakes situation at work. This brings the learning to life by connecting key concepts with real-world challenges from a familiar and time-sensitive context.

Not only are participants encouraged to put their new insights to an immediate test, but they are also given a clear and repeatable process to follow in other situations, thus making Core Strengths sustainable long after the initial classroom experience.

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