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Elise Boggs

Master Facilitator


Bachelor’s Degree
BIOLA University

Master’s Degree
Organizational Leadership
and Development
with highest honors
Chapman University


  • Elise has led effective teams in the United Kingdom, India, South Africa, and Australia.
  • Leadership professor in southern Californiabased universities, teaching graduate and undergraduate courses.

Elise’s passion in life is equipping the next generation of marketplace leaders to change the world. She has trained leaders in industries ranging from non-profits and government to medicine and the military. She has taught leadership theory in a classroom setting as a university professor, and provided hands-on coaching to emerging and established marketplace leaders. Elise has also personally led effective teams in the United Kingdom, India, South Africa, and Australia.

Since 2009, she has been a leadership professor in southern California-based universities, teaching a wide variety of graduate and undergraduate courses, as well as worked as a consultant and training specialist for organizations such as the Cultiver Group, Inc. and Performance Management and PSP, Inc. Along the way, she has trained medical doctors, military personnel, scientists, non-profit and government sector workers, and many others on how to effectively lead their teams and organizations to new levels of success.

“I’ve invited over sixty-three different lecturers, faculty, and facilitators to THF over the past three years. We received some of the highest and most positive survey responses from Elise’s course in our history. Her facilitation expertise and methods are superior and very hard to come by. She is extraordinary even among the extraordinary!
Joe Musselman
CEO, The Honor Foundation

As a certified Emotional Intelligence and Core Strengths coach, Elise has worked effectively as a problem solver in organizations experiencing high employee turnover and other leadership-related challenges. She believes in ethical, servant-oriented leadership that effectively fosters a culture of creativity within an organization.

Elise received her Master’s Degree in Organizational Leadership and Development, with highest honors, from Chapman University and an undergraduate degree in Communications. Additional certifications include TotalSDI and Core Strengths through PSP and Appreciative Inquiry through the Center for Appreciative Inquiry.

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